What is the IPMA?

IPMA (International Planned Music Association) is a community of professional music industry leaders, who are Mood Media Franchise Affilliates,  that have joined together through our association to share knowledge, ideas, and best business practices.  We will serve as your voice, your business resource, and your trusted advisor.  This organization was formed in 1955 and has the added value of a strong relationship with the MOOD corporate personnel.                               

Who is a part of this organization?

Mood Media Franchise Owners and their staff, manufactures representatives, vendors and distributor partners are all a part of this valued organization. Each member is fostering greater cooperation and provides direct access with other MOOD Members, Vendors and Affiliates.  Our members develop strong relationships and vendor associations as we all move forward to raise our standards and be among the best industry leaders.

    • All members come to depend on the expertise of other members when they need assistance, we are all in the same business
    • Associate members (vendors) further their brand recognition efforts and increase brand loyalty by marketing to IPMA members
    • Associate members (vendors) can train members on their products, understanding that training and product knowledge leads to increased sales and end-user satisfaction 

Why should I join IPMA?

IPMA will connect you with the right tools, educational and networking opportunities. Each member and associate will have expertise and experience that could provide you with successful ways to grow and maintain a profitable business. These resources can insure you are keeping up with industry changes and new developments.