Tuesday the sales people will be involved in the General Session which will include presentations by Mood representatives and Scent Air training.
Tuesday evening there is a Sales Executive Only at Mambo’s at 411 Bourbon Street, a 4 minute walk. This is for Sale Executives only and you must be pre-registered to attend.
To get to the restaurant, leave hotel and head right down Royal Street and turn left on Conti St and walk one block to Bourbon Street and it’s on the left on Bourbon between Conti and St. Louis St. Meet at the restaurant at 6:30 or meet in the lobby of the hotel at 6:20 to walk as a group if you like.
On Wednesday, David Vance, Vice President Outside Local Sales and charismatic sales trainer, will be leading this interactive sales program. If you have ever been in a training session or seen a presentation of David’s you know how dynamic he is and how inspired you feel when you leave the room. He has a gift of motivating salespeople and we are lucky to have him share that gift with your salespeople.
David has rolled out this training program to Mood OAs and local AEs and not they are rolling it out to the IA community. David’s energy is contagious so bring your salespeople so they can hear it directly from David and his talented team.