The International Planned Music Association (IPMA) is a trade organization made up of providers of business music services and key vendors (associate members) to the industry. The Association exists to provide members with a common ground on which to share information about running exciting, profitable franchises and to provide associate members with opportunities to expand their sales in markets all over the world. The IPMA also gives the members a single voice with which to address MOOD MEDIA Corporate and other valued vendors.

Listed are the Associate Members of the International Planned Music Association. These associate member partners have worked closely with the IPMA for many years providing valuable partnership which enable us to provide world class products and services to our clients across the globe.

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What is IPMA?

The IPMA (International Planned Music Association) is a community of professional music industry leaders with the ability to join together to share knowledge, ideas, and best practices. We will serve as your voice, your business resource, and your trusted advisor. Our organization was formed in 1955, we sell and service all music sources, audio visual, digital signage and sound system products. We have the added value of a strong relationship with the MOOD corporate personnel.

Who is a part of this organization?

Business owners and their staff, manufactures, vendors and distributors are part of our valued organization. Our members develop strong relationships and we come to depend on the expertise of other members. Our valued Associate Members (vendors) further their brand recognition efforts and increase brand loyalty by forming relationships with our membership.

  • All members come to depend on the expertise of other members when they need assistance, we are all in the same business
  • Associate members (vendors) further their brand recognition efforts and increase brand loyalty by marketing to IPMA members
  • Associate members (vendors) can train members on their products, understanding that training and product knowledge leads to increased sales and end-user satisfaction
Why should I join IPMA?

IPMA will connect you with the right tools, educational and networking opportunities. Each Member and Associate Member will have expertise and experience that could provide you with successful ways to grow and maintain a profitable business. These resources can insure you are keeping up with industry changes and new developments.

  • Discuss and understand distribution, territories and sales policies
  • Identify issues not covered in MOOD dealer agreements
  • Create sales improvement goals and measure attainment
  • Develop and encourage standard practices and techniques
  • Your membership is shared with all the existing members as valued vendor resource
  • Vendors will be informed about our future plans and projects
 How often do we meet?

The IPMA membership meets annually in October/November. The convention offers an economical opportunity to create and strengthen relationships. The Convention affords many opportunities for networking as well as a host of sponsorship levels which offer varying levels of exposure for your business.
There is a Board of Directors that meets three times per year and communicates regularly to stay abreast of topics of interest to the group.